What You're Doing Tonight: April 16th

BRITNEY SPEARS: If you've stood within 15 feet of a magazine rack at any point in the last decade, you not only know of Britney Spears, you might feel like you know what she had for breakfast, her feelings on the latest bill in Congress, her favorite color. And while we could muse on the nature of fame for the better part of a day, we'll instead turn our attention to the three ring-themed tour the mega-huge pop star and her very impressive, very limber dance team are currently on. The Circus Tour has plenty of big-top-y touches, from the superstar's top hats to the clown make-up to burning hoops to whips. You knew there'd be whips, right? And the last thing to say is: we should never ever prematurely predict the decline of razzmatazz in show biz. Because Britney, in fishnets and a top hat with a whip, and a ton of gyrating dancers around her, is completely about the old-school entertainment. Large and lavish. Where's our cotton candy? Thursday, April 16th and Friday, April 17th. Staples Center, 1111 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles. 213-742-7340

ALSO ON THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH: British bard Bobby Long strums at Hotel Cafe; The Edison pours a zingy, 35-cent cocktail from 5-7PM; and Eddie Izzard starts a three-night gig at Largo at the Coronet.

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