What You're Doing Tonight: April 1st

GAVIN DEGRAW: There's probably an official forum, somewhere, for musicians to discuss the pros and cons of getting a song onto a television show, but generally those discussions take place around dark bars and rehearsal studios. We've never sat in on one, but we're going to guess the upshot is: do it if you can. Such is the case with the heartthrob-y Gavin DeGraw, the man behind "I Don't Wanna Be" from "One Tree Hill" (it's the theme song, actually). That song, beyond have a very high "get stuck in the noggin" factor, helped cement the singer-songwriter's pop star status. Other hits have further added to the status. So, lesson? We're not sure if there's is one, beyond jumping at the chance to put a song on a teen show. That's golden. Wednesday, April 1, 9PM. El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.

ALSO ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1: "Gays R Us" get rollick-y at the Improv; some "RENO 911!" people make merry at The Rudy Casoni Variety Show at the Steve Allen; and The Apple Sisters stir up a kettle of April Fool's-ian fun at UCB.

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