What the Jalapeno, Mozza?: LA Mag's Lelsey Bargar found herself…

LA Mag's Lelsey Bargar found herself at Pizzeria Mozza the other day staring at an unusual menu addition: pineapple, jalapeno and speck pizza. "I found this combo out of place on a menu that’s written in Italian and boasts pizzas with white anchovies, bagna cauda, and house-made guanciale. This sounds more like a glorified Hawaiian pizza—you know, the one made famous alongside the Whack-A-Mole at Chuck-E-Cheeses nationwide. Has Mozza gone CPK on us? What’s next—BBQ chicken?... So, of course, I ordered it. It was, of course, wonderful...But I’ll be keeping an eye on the menu from now on—if I spot an avocado anywhere near that place, I’m telling." [Digest Blog]

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