Why You Should Open Your New Resto in Koreatown

City Center on 6th via Angelenic

According to the Craigslist ad for restuarant space at the new City Center mall (6th and Alexandria) in Koreatown, there are five reasons why you, restaurant owner, want to open in Koreatown, "the most essential location in the city":

1. Korean food is not cheap and Korean people are not cheap. They normally spend more than $300 / person / week for eating out.

2. Restaurant licensees in Koreatown sell Soju (Korean Vodka) and they sell more than 15,000 bottles for a month.

3. Some of restaurants in Koreatown open only at dinner time and they are called sooljip which is like a public bar that also serves small portions of meals for side dishes.

4. In Koreatown, you only need B&W license, hard-liquor is optional. You will see why.

5. When economy was getting slower, Most restaurants in Koreatown were exceptional.
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