School Security Officer Doubles as Music Teacher

He spends practically all of his free time passing on his knowledge of musical performance.

Marvin Hatchett spends school hours working as a security officer at Wilson Middle School in Pasadena, where he looks after thousands of predominantly low-income students.

But after the bell, he marches to a different beat, volunteering as a one-man performing arts program with little to no funding.

For his efforts, he asks for nothing more than a chance to give the gift of music to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity.

"I thank God for the talent he's given me and to give back to them," Hatchett said.

He's a musician and he's been sharing his love of music with Wilson Middle School students since 1983. He spends practically all of his free time passing on his knowledge of musical performance.

"Everything that involves drums, Marvin has taught me. I had no experience," student Dillon Akers said. "If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be doing this right now."

Hatchett supplies many of the instruments that families cannot afford on their own. Any money he drums up, he uses to buy equipment for his kids.

"He has integrity and he has a humbleness that is just a rare quality," Principal Sarah Rudchenko said.

He's a guardian, a mentor and the kids' biggest supporter. Some of his former students are professional musicians, and he gets excited when he sees that spark of talent in his middle school kids.

"That's what gets you to keep going, and that's what makes you say, 'I got to do it again,'" Hatchett said.

He's definitely struck a chord with the students and staff of Wilson Middle School.

"At this young age, it's surprising, but he has changed the way I look at the industry," said Dillon Akers.

Marvin Hatchett is a hero because he's reached so many children during his 35-year tenure at the school. But he doesn't see it that way.

"It's like a bear, a mama bear, and you see them go out and I like to be in the back. A hero? A hero is them: they are my heroes," he said.

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