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‘It Was Awful.' Teen With Autism Asked to Leave Orange County Theater, Mom Says

"They put him outside. Security locked the doors. He was banging on them, and it was awful."

A 17-year-old with autism couldn't wait to see his favorite show, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," but was asked to leave after switching seats too many times at the Orange County theater, his mother said.

"He's barely verbal, but he can tell you the words to the movie," his mother Francine said. "He can recite lines, word by word."

Logan Mundt's mother said he saw the show for the first time over the summer at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa.

Francine said she worked with him for weeks, and the first viewing went off without a hitch.

"He did really good as far as I was concerned, except for the moving," she said.

He saw empty seats ahead of where they had been sitting, and wanted to get closer. But there were no problems that time.

Logan loved the show so much his mom bought tickets to see another show a few days later. This time, moving seats became a problem.

"Somebody didn't like the fact that he was moving seats, and because of that he was told to leave," she said.

"They put him outside. Security locked the doors. He was banging on them, and it was awful."

Logan was not let back in and was not given a refund. Francine said she wishes the center had handled things with more compassion.

"What I want this to be is a chance to show them the video, what to look for," she said.

The Segerstrom Center released this statement in regards to the incident.

"Segerstrom Center is committed to being inclusive and welcoming to all and to ensuring that everyone who comes here has a rewarding and enriching experience. We consistently implement and update programs and training that enable our employees to provide a safe and secure environment and to respond appropriately to the needs and comfort of our patrons. These are responsibilities we take seriously. We encourage patrons to contact us in advance with requests or concerns so we can address those and provide a wonderful experience for all."

Logan's mother said he did get to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" again after all: She bought him tickets to see the show in Las Vegas.

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