Woman Confronts 7-Eleven Clerk Accused of Recording Friend in Bathroom

"OK, I did it," the clerk said after getting hit with a barrage of questions.

A woman peppered a 7-Eleven worker on camera with questions until he confessed to surreptitiously recording her friend in the bathroom, leading to the clerk's arrest.

Pablo Eduardo Nava Diaz, 22, of Santa Ana, was arrested on suspicion of invasion of privacy Sunday after the victim contacted Westminster police.

Angie Tafua, friend of the victim, was behind the bust that went down at the 7-Eleven store 8491 Westminster Blvd.

Tafua said she wanted to make sure she had everything on the record. Her friend, whose identity won't be revealed according to NBC4 policy, came to Tafua after she discovered a cellphone recording in the bathroom where the victim was undressing.

"You set up a phone in there to record her using the bathroom?" Tafua asked Diaz as he stood casually resting his arm on the counter.

He initially denied the accusation.

"He set up a video inside the girl's bathroom," Tafua tells another customer off camera.

"Was it you?" she asked him. And he said "no."

But she didn't stop there.

"It has the video of you standing there putting the phone down," she fired at him.

She kept badgering him until he confessed on camera.

"OK, I did it," Diaz said.

Tafua called the actions disgusting and asked what was wrong with him.

Westminster police say after the confrontation inside the store, Tafua and her friends flagged down an officer who happened to be driving by. Police took the man's phone as evidence.

She then posted the shaming video on Facebook where it has been viewed nearly 190,000 times.

The store owners said they are well aware of the viral video and immediately took action, firing the 22-year-old clerk.

"Last night he was arrested by Westminster police. They came in and arrested him. I don't know what action they're taking but he no longer works for us," store owner Suman Kapil said.

Westminster police said the department is working on a search warrant to see if there is video of other victims on his cellphone.

In hindsight police say confronting a suspect isn't the best approach, but this time, it may have worked.

"We are shocked and totally concerned about safety of our guests. That's our No. 1 priority," co-owner Meera Kapil said.

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