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Slomo: The Movie Reveals Story Behind Pacific Beach Icon

The Pacific Beach icon "Slomo" talks about his life story in a new film



    The mystery of a Pacific Beach icon is unveiled in a new documentary that was shown at SXSW and has caught the eye of NY Times readers.

    If you’ve seen Slomo skating along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach you may have wondered “what’s his story?”

    He often glides by other people walking along the beach, moving to his own beat and at times rolling on just one skate with his arms outstretched.

    “I think what I’m doing with all due modesty is a type of flying,” he says in the documentary "Slomo: The Movie."

    The film reveals the story of John Kitchin, 69, a former neurologist who hung up his white coat and stethoscope and exchanged luxury cars for an MP3 player and a pair of roller skates.

    Kitchin explains in detail what prompted him to leave his profession and reinvent himself.

    He also shares some of his personal philosophy.

    “I experience myself like a tip of a great iceberg of consciousness,” Kitchin tells the filmmakers.

    Watch the profile and you’ll know the true story behind Slomo.