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Corgi Mix Abandoned for Needing Wheelchair Looking for Home

A Corgi-Chihuahua mix named Tiger is getting a custom wheelchair Tuesday after his family heard he may never walk again and abandoned him at a Southern California veterinarian’s office.

Tiger, who is ready for adoption, had surgery for a slipped disc in Cerritos, and when his original family was told he may be crippled for life, they decided they couldn’t care for him.

After being fitted for his customized wheelchair with the help of The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, a nonprofit animal rescue, the 7-year-old pup has a new lease on life.

The foundation was working hard to find him a home.

"It may take us a while to find a forever home for a special-needs dog like Tiger," said Sheila Choi, Founder and CEO of The Fuzzy Pet Foundation. "He may or may not ever walk again, but he appears so comfortable and happy in his new wheelchair. We aren't giving up on him."

Tiger is neutered, gets along with other dogs, loves to cuddle humans, and can run at a great speed in his new chair.

The foundation notes that Tiger is a special needs dog who needs a loving owner as he suffers from paralysis in his hind-legs and mild incontinence.

Adoption event information:

When: Tuesday, 12 to 7 p.m.

Where: VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital at 10701 South Street in Cerritos, CA 90703

According to the law, the owner of the pet could be fined under an animal abandonment ordinance in place statewide.

The non profit advises pet owners that if they are faced with a situation where they are unable to care for a pet, do not leave the pet with a vet.

Contact the local shelter or humane society and do a legal surrender, signing over the pet instead of abandoning it.

If you would like to donate to a GoFundMe account set up to help Tiger, you may do so here. Note that GoFundMe deducts 7.9 percent of all funds raised in the form of platform and payment processing charges.

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