Save Money by Cutting Cable

More and more people are cutting off cable service, and find other, cheaper ways to watch their favorite shows.

Evolving technology and the weak economy are two factors to blame for the recent drops in cable subscriptions nationwide.

The country's top two cable providers, Time Warner, and NBC's parent company Comcast, saw more than 350,000 subscribers drop service.

"More people are shopping around, looking for the next cheap deal to watch video," said Eric Gruenwedel, Home Media Magazine. "The perception is they're going to an alternative source of video entertainment like a Netflix or a streaming or something like that."

Jen Jones dumped her cable subscription two years ago realizing the abundance of video content online and the lack of quality content on cable.

"We found ourselves watching a "Rock of Love Bus" marathon, and at that moment, we knew it was probably time to get rid of cable," said Jones.

Dulce Ibarra-Ramirez, East Los Angeles, cut her cable cord for free television.

"We can't afford it anymore," says Ibarra-Ramirez. "With five kids we had to cut back on many activities this year."

While the disconnection does equal savings for families, the research firm SNL Kagan predicts by the end of the year 4.5 million people will forgo any kind of pay TV service .

In response, FOX television will soon delay Internet access to it's shows for eight days. Next day access will be reserved for pay TV subscribers.

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