Deputy and Dog Offer Support to First Responders

A former deputy and his dog have teamed up to offer emotional support to first responders.

Retired Orange County Sheriff Deputy Steve Booth visits the office of first responders along with Henry, a golden retriever, who is the one and only crisis comfort dog in Orange County.

The duo help first responders deal with the stress and trauma they face every day.

"He sits in a very regal manner," sargeant Booth said about Henry, who he says they call Prince Henry.

Henry has been present in everything from mudslides, to fires and vigils.

Now, Henry is a badge wearing member of the Orange County Sheriff's peer support team.

"When you pet a therapy dog, it releases oxytocin in the brain which is like the happy hormone," Booth said. "It calms people down."

In a work environment where most of the work involves crime scenes and DNA, it can get a bit overwhelming. And having a golden retriever walk around the office offers support and comfort.

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