Minor Incident at Disneyland Impacts Attractions, Police Response

A "very minor" incident of muriatic acid leaking on the back lot at Disneyland impacted a few attractions, and prompted a police response, authorities said Wednesday.

Anaheim police responded to the park around 2:35 p.m.

Sgt. Darron Wyatt said there were no evacuations and no injuries.

Wyatt said there was a possible chemical spill in a back maintenance area that was not located on the lot that was later determined to be muriatic acid leaking from a filtration system.

Three rides were temporarily closed near Space Mountain, police said. It wasn't immediately clear which attractions were affected.  

Traffic was also temporarily impacted as officials shut down Harbor Boulevard.

Anaheim police said once the spill was deemed nonhazardous and safe, they cleared the scene.

A Disneyland spokesperson also said it was a very minor incident.  

Aerial images from NewsChopper4 showed crews arriving at the park.

They threw some type of solvent on the spill area. 

Muriatic acid is often used to clean pools, and is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid.

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