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Do You Like Scary Movies Enough to Step Inside One? Here's Your Chance

A new exhibit in LA is every horror film fans dream come true

Consider yourself a fan of horror films? Dream of being in "The Shining?" Now you have a chance to sink into the infamous carpet from the Overlook Hotel. 

I Like Scary Movies is a 25,000 foot exhibit that opens Thursday in Los Angeles' Miracle Mile.

"I'm a horror geek, and I'm pretty much geeking out right now," said horror film blogger, Chok Suwanavisootr, who was posting on Instagram from the exhibit. "This is everything I wanted to touch, to see, to feel!"

Designed by Maximillian, the experiential artist behind Comic-Con, it showcases art installations from five different horror movies. Fans can step inside, if they dare, and interact with the installation.

"It's not a scare maze with people in costume coming out and scaring you," Maximillan said. "It's more of an art kind of look and deep-dive into the creativity of these movies."

The reimagined worlds include "Nightmare on Elm Street," "The Lost Boys," the first chapter of "IT," "Beetlejuice" and "The Shining." Fans can sit among 10 feet of worms, crawl into coffins, and stick their feet into the mouth of a shark.

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The art installation will be in Los Angeles for at least a month before Maximillian and his team take it on the road. Tickets cost $39 you can find more information here

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