Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Underage Voters, Duplicate Ballots Investigated

Los Angeles County's registrar-recorder/county clerk said Wednesday that reports exposed by the NBC4 I-Team of duplicate ballots being sent to voters and underage residents for Tuesday's election were being investigated.

County registrar-recorder Dean Logan told the Board of Supervisors that the issues were likely data-driven, rather than intentional fraud.

He said routine cross-checks against federal and county databases regularly drop deceased voters and those who move out of the county from rolls.

However, each California county maintains its own voter rolls, so moves across counties can result in duplicates.

As for underage voters, Logan said data-entry mistakes on birth dates could account for the problem.

The issue came about after the NBC4 I-Team team found potentially 1,500 multiple ballots and as many as 220 ballots sent in error to underage voters.

Logan promised the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors during a meeting on Wednesday that he'd find a way to fix the problems.

"If there are things that should have been caught by our protocols and algorithms then we need to correct that," he said.

Logan will report back to the board with solutions to the balloting problems within 28 days.

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