Father of Slain Rapper Pleads With Witnesses in Son's Pool Party Shooting Death

As the search continues for a gunman who killed a rapper over the weekend at a pool party in Granada Hills, the father of the 30-year-old man is begging for anyone who saw what happened at that party to come forward and speak out.

Police have very few leads since none of the hundreds of guests at the party have come forward. Clark Lishey is sure someone saw the shooter.

"What I really want to speak out about is the anger I feel at his so-called friends that would allow this to happen," he said. "Everybody is there and everybody has iPhones, but nobody could identify this one person."

Justin Lishey, 30, who was professionally known as Kid Cali or Cali OSo, was shot about 9 p.m. Saturday in the 12400 block of Longacre Avenue. The party had been heavily promoted on social media and through fliers.

"All these people that go on Facebook say 'He was such a wonderful, kind person,' and where are you now? Are you his friends? Are you going to let him die without recourse or consequences?" Clark Lishey said.

Police were reviewing video from numerous security cameras on the mansion grounds.

Singer Chris Brown reacted to Lishey's death by posting "RIP Kid Cali" on Twitter, while Snoop Dogg tweeted, "Rest well young g."

City News Service contributed to this report.

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