Father Taken Off Life Support After Being Struck in Hit-and-Run

A 49-year-old father was pulled off life support Thursday night after being hit by a car.

Joseph Quintero Sr.'s organs will save eight other lives, family members said, as police piece together the crash and search for two women in the car during the crash.

Quintero died as family members looked on at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood. Family took solace in the fact that he was an organ donor who's heart helped save another life.

"It's something you’ll never be prepared for," said his son, Joseph Quintero Jr. "I'm told they already have someone ready to receive his heart. That's one person already he's made an impact on their life."

Joseph Jr. says his dad was always helping others.

He worked two jobs and also raised his three step children as his own.

"Knowing that I'm never gonna be able to see him again, it just hurts me," said his stepson Samuel Garibay, 15.

Quintero was working as a security guard at Gloria's restaurant May 17 when Hector Vallejo, 20 hit him with his car and took off, police said.

He later turned himself in to police, but his passenger, Rosie Padilla, 28 and a third woman, Patricia Bujase, 27, both from Bell Gardens, are still being sought.

Joseph Jr. demanded the women turn themselves in.

"What if someone took their father away? What would they do? I'm sure they would want justice," he said. "Whether or not they were the ones that actually hurt my dad, they were involved."

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