Air Quality Concerns After Santa Fe Springs Fire

Hazardous materials crews were monitoring air quality and water run-off in Santa Fe Springs late Saturday night after an explosive chemical fire sent thick, black smoke billowing into the sky.

The four-alarm fire was reported just after 4 p.m. at the commercial building at 12927 Sunshine Avenue (map), the Santa Fe Springs Police Department said.

For about three hours, the blaze was moving around three neighboring businesses - a machine shop, an epoxy manufacturer and a paint company, all badly damaged and all containing dangerous materials.

"We're working with the chemists, we're working with the owners of the building, developing plot plans so we can see what's burned, what hasn't and what the hazards that still exist there," said Santa Fe Springs Fire Chief Michael Crook.

The sounds of explosions were heard coming from inside the warehouse.

There were people inside when the flames broke out, but everyone managed to escape, the Downey Fire Department said.

As of Saturday night, Crooks said the Ph levels in the water run-off were OK. Carbon monoxide levels in the samples taken also appeared to be safe.

Greenstone and Shoemaker avenues at Sunshine Avenue were closed as crews worked to put out the fire.

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