Like a ‘Bomb Had Exploded.' Fontana Crash Splits Car, Nearly Striking Witness Who Survived With a Few Bruises

Fontana police say it looked like "a bomb had exploded."

A Fontana resident said she is thankful to be alive Monday after a weekend crash sent an SUV flying in the air before it slammed into a tree, splitting the car and leaving the driver in critical condition.

Rose Walker said she was washing her car in her driveway in the 11800 block of Banana Ave. around 6 p.m. Saturday afternoon when she heard a screeching noise.

"I turned around and saw the vehicle coming straight at me," she said.

The Honda CRV, driven by a 21-year-old man who has not yet been identified by authorities, was traveling at 100 mph, witnessed said, when it slammed into a willow tree, split, and sent debris flying, as partially captured on Ring doorbell video by a neighbor.

Fontana police say it looked like "a bomb had exploded."

"(It) actually hits the tree about eight to ten feet up," said Officer Daniel Romero. "There's no way anyone would have to be going that fast."

Walker said she was frozen with fear as she stood less than 20 feet from the wreckage.

"The impact of it just knocked me against this car," she said.

Amazingly, she was not seriously harmed.

She suffered bruises, from slumping against her own car, but that's all.

The tree had stopped the Honda in its tracks. 

The driver was taken away in critical condition. It wasn't immediately clear what charges he may face.

"Looking back at it -- my life was spared," Walker said.

She also quoted her favorite song, saying "'God is not done writing your story,' and he's not done with me yet, on this Earth."

Walker also said she plans to visit the driver in the hospital.

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