Reputed Gang Members On Trial for Murder of Marine

Lance Cpl. Carlos Segovia Lopez died three days after he was shot while on leave from Camp Pendleton

Two accused gang members are on trial for the 2016 murder of a Camp Pendleton Marine, killed while he was on leave in Los Angeles.

Sandra Lopez, the victim's mother, has been to every single court date, fulfilling a promise she made to her son, Lance Corporal Carlos Segovia-Lopez, as he fought for his life in the hospital.

"One of them was justice was going to be served," she said.

Prosecutors allege Oscar Aguilar and Esau Rios are gang members who shot Segovia-Lopez after he confronted them when he suspected they were looking for cars to burglarize.

"He witnessed crimes and he responded to it," said Claudia Perez, the victim's friend. "Obviously he didn't expect this outcome for his life to be taken away because no one deserves that, but he did what he was supposed to do."

In opening statements Tuesday, the defense attorneys argued Segovia-Lopez put himself in a precarious position and that Aguilar and Rios were afraid of him.

"I want the truth to come out and for there to be justice for everyone involved," said Sandra Aguilar, the defendant's sister who has also attended every court proceeding. "I want to make sure he's being treated fairly."

She insists her brother is not guilty of murder.

"The truth is someone did lose their life and that's very unfortunate, but the right person has to pay for it. It will be up to a jury to decide if the right person is either of these men."

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