Gas Prices Soar By Highest Single Day Amount in Two Years

Drivers were surprised to find a serious spike in the price of gas, which soared overnight in Los Angeles County by the largest amount in a day in more than two years.

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An average gallon of self-serve regular rose Friday by 15 cents to $3.40, the biggest hike since Oct. 6, 2012. The last time gas was so expense was back in Oct. 28 last year. It rose by the same margin in Orange County to $3.39, and by 13 cents to $3.31 in the Inland Empire.

"The prices were down for quite some time," said Long Beach resident Maynard Martin. "It was too good to be true."

Prices have now risen for 28 consecutive days, though it is still far less than the highest average of $4.70 per gallon back in 2012.

Anthony Peres fueled up at a Santa Monica station Friday morning where the price for a gallon of regular was $4.75.

"The price went up and up and up," said Peres. "It's pretty outrageous."

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It is the longest streak of increases since a 30-day run from Jan. 25 until February 23, 2013.

In Orange County the average price is 94.4 cents more than one month ago and is on a similar streak.

The Torrance refinery explosion last week, seasonal refinery maintenance and the switch from winter to summer fuel blends has been blamed for the spike. 

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