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Harley Davidson Summer Internship Giving Away Motorcycles

Emma Ogiemwayne is getting ready to start a summer internship like no other: roaming the country on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"This summer was already going to be about exploring and having a good time before school but what a great way to add to that," Ogiemwayne says.

She's part of a first of its kind internship called "Find Your Freedom."

"The idea is to grow the sport of motorcycling to new audiences through a group of 8 interns who are chronicling their journey on motorcycles through social media,” Ogiemwayne says.

The iconic American company received more than 7,500 applications from around the world. Of the eight candidates chosen, three had never ridden a motorcycle before. Those three include Emma.

"That excited me," the lucky summer intern says. "I think I'm attracted to things that are new."

She's had classroom instruction at Bartel's Harley Davidson in Marina Del Rey, along with field training at a riding class.

The next step for Emma is to choose which bike she wants to use to "find her freedom."

As Harley Davidson celebrates its 115th anniversary, the old company is using new ways to market to a young audience. For Emma, it's a way to be in the moment.

"Being on a motorcycle, you have to put all of your energy into where you are," Ogiemwayne says. "You have no choice but to be present, so I'm really hoping to find a new way to not only travel and enjoy myself, but find some peace and presence."

And once the summer job ends, yes, the interns do get to keep the motorcycle.

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