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Hollywood Nightclubs Come Under Scrutiny

Hollywood nightclubs have under come under heavy scrutiny, with the city revoking two permits amid allegations of rampant drug use and other activity at the venues.

An attorney for one of them says they are being persecuted and local leaders say despite an uptick in crime, nightclubs by and large are good for Hollywood.

It was already accused of multiple violations, but then last August a 20-year-old DJ was killed in a fight at Cashmere nightclub, which changed its name to Day After.

Now, the city has revoked the club’s permit. The Hollywood Supper Club was also closed after multiple violations.

The president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce says it’s the right decision after years of lax enforcement.

“This action actually sends a very good message that the city is finally beginning to oversee the conditions under which nightclubs operate,” said Leron Gubler.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell calls them rogue nightclubs, but the attorney representing Day After says it’s the city that’s been acting illegally.

“The city, specifically the LAPD, have engaged in a campaign of harassment and persecution against my client,” said Michael Kolodzi.

“For them to go up there and just make these statements, that you know they’re engaged in prostitution, engaged in drug dealing so on, so forth are without merit,” he said.

Concerns about nightclubs grew after an increase in crime in Hollywood, but local leaders say nightclubs were a key part of hollywood’s revitalization. In fact, Hollywood’s very first nightclub opened in the same space as Day After in 1922.

“And they continue to be important because Hollywood is truly the entertainment destination not just of the world but here in Los Angeles and the nightclubs do play an important role,” said Chamber President Gubler.

The attorney representing Day After said it did not receive due process before its permit was revoked, and the club’s owners are now considering a lawsuit against the city.

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