“I Miss Her a Lot”: Mother Mourns Daughter Killed in Hit-and-Run

The biting cold did not stop dozens from coming out to say a prayer for little Asianae Thomas.

A year ago this week a hit-and-run driver in a truck killed Asianae as she crossed a street in San Bernardino, police said.

"I miss her a lot," said Charlotte Matheny, the victim's grandmother.

"I'm very angry," said Erika Hannah, the victim's mother. "I got a lot of questions for the man that did it.

Asianae's mother relived the moment she cradled her baby and says she looked up just in time to see the driver speed away.

"That's when everyone started screaming," she said. "We seen my little baby on the street. We seen the man down the street watching us. He's seen everything."

Investigators said they're confident they found the truck and the driver responsible, but they do not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

Asianae's parents hope the power of prayer takes over where the investigation has left off.

Her mother had a message for the person responsible.

"Does your conscience eat at you?" she said. "Do you even sleep at night?"

Anton Thomas, the girl's father, asked if the man had a heart.

"Own up to what you did," he said. "That's what grown men do."

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