Beware of the ‘Juice Jacking' Scam at Phone Charging Stations

The scam could export your data or passwords to a scammer

Ahead of the busy holiday season, travelers should beware of using public USB power charging stations in hotels, airports and other public places after a warning from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

LA officials issued the warning amid the rise of the scam known as "juice jacking." 

In the scam, scammers load malware directly onto the public charging station or the cables that are left plugged in at stations. When you plug your device into the station, the malware would infect your smart phone, laptop or other device.

The malware could export your data or passwords directly to the scammer, putting you at risk. 

LA officials did provide some tips to make sure you avoid this scam and keep your phone charged. 

  • Consider buying a portable charger for emergencies
  • Take car chargers or AC chargers for your devices when traveling 
  • Use an AC power outlet, not a USB public charging station
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