Jason Kandel

18-Year-Old Man Surrenders in Sister's Killing

Family members say that Eddie Alvirez didn't intentionally hurt his younger sister.

Family members of a 13-year-old girl shot and killed allegedly by her older brother who surrendered to authorities Wednesday were rattled by the double family tragedy.

Marlena Alvirez was killed and her brother, Eddie, 18, was arrested in her death.

"I wish she could be here with me," said Sonny Gilbert Alvirez, 12, their brother. "I want her to be here with me. It wasn't her time to pass."

Relatives say they didn't know Eddie had a gun and believe he panicked when it went off.

"He committed an accident," said Vanessa Zamora, an aunt. "Things got out of hand ... wasn't even intentional."

Eddie Alvirez surrendered at 2 p.m. after running away, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies said.

An uncle drove his fatally wounded sister to the hospital.

Homicide detectives are now on the case.

The family is grateful Eddie's in custody, safer than being on the run.

Eddie said he loves his brother and it wasn't his fault.

"He took off," he said. "He was scared. It was an accident."

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