Los Angeles

LAPD Revises and Relaxes Some Masking Rules

Unvaccinated officers ordered to wear face coverings with partner officers or while interacting with public

The Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday again revised - and relaxed - some of its face covering rules for its employees, directing unvaccinated officers and others to wear masks while interacting with the public or working closely with a partner.

Vaccinated officers, the order said, must cover their faces when they're within six feet of members of the public, while they're searching someone, or while transporting a person to or from jail.

The LAPD said all employees have to wear "clean and undamaged" face coverings anytime they're working indoors, regardless of their vaccination status.

Last month the LAPD briefly tightened its rules for masking amidst a temporary spike in the number of Covid infections amongst its staff.

More than 80% of the LAPD's workforce is now fully vaccinated.

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