Long Beach

10-10-2020 Proves Memorable Wedding Date in More Ways than One

Couples are celebrating a union and exchanging rings on a date with a nice ring to it.

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Saturday marked a hot date for weddings: Oct. 10, 2020. Written numerically, this day is the memorable 10-10-2020, and it proved to be historical for several couples in more ways than one. 

Newlyweds Jun and Dominic Reiss finally said “I do” after their planned wedding over the summer was cancelled because of COVID-19, opting instead for 10-10-2020 as their wedding day.

“I was surprised I actually got an appointment today,” Jun said. 

It’s an anniversary date easy to remember, and for this couple, a lucky one.

“It's just a memorable number I think,” Dominic said. 

They’re one of 13 couples who tied the knot on site at the Cute Little Chapel in Long Beach. Combined with offsite ceremonies, the chapel officiated 50 weddings Saturday alone.

Because of the pandemic, the chapel is taking extra measures, like only allowing four guests per couple. And aside from when the couples are at the outdoor altar, masks are required.

“It makes me feel so happy. We give happiness to the couple. Especially at this time it's very historical. People are getting married in the midst of this pandemic,” minister Al-x Buenaflor said. 

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