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Knock-Knock, But No Joke

Police say three women knock, then walk around the house to find the best way inside



    Knock-Knock, But No Joke
    Burglars, who knock before entering, have hit an Encino neighborhood, according to police.

    Police are looking for three women who made a starring appearance in a security video at an Encino home on the morning of April 16.

    Police are calling them the "Knock-Knock Burglars" -- saying they first knocked on the front door to see if anyone was home, and then walked around the house to find the best way to break in.

    Police say it's unusual for them to be tracking down three burglars who are women.

    "It could be just a copycat kind of thing, where they've picked up that type of M.O.," said LAPD Detective William Dunn.

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    In 2008, this same neighborhood was targeted by the so-called "Knock-Knock Burglars" who were part of a notorious gang, according to police. They broke into nearly 100 homes in just one month.

    Detective believe the women in this security video have hit at least three homes in Encino in the past month, stealing jewelry, purses, laptops and other valuables.

    Detectives say the women who were captured by the security camera went to the back of the house and broke a glass door, but got scared away when the burglar alarm went off.

    This particular area has a strong neighborhood watch program that has helped keep crime down.

    "Most of our neighborhoods have neighborhood watches who are very aware of this kind of M.O., and we do get a lot of calls about it," said Dunn.

    Police say even with neighborhood watch programs, they recommend that homeowners install a security camera that can help capture pictures like these, which may help police capture the bad guys, or gals.