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Gas Prices Spike, Southern Californians Not Thrilled

Gas prices on the west coast jumped 16 cents since last week due to a reported shortage in fuel



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    With Memorial Day just a couple of weeks away, the west coast is feeling the effect of a recent spike in gasoline prices, even though the national average cost of fuel continues to drop.

    The price for regular gasoline in California jumped nearly 16 cents to $4.345 since last week, while the national average is 5 cents lower at $3.727 per gallon, about 70 cents lower than the Golden State.

    Oil companies are blaming the recent spike in prices on several different reasons, including a 20-year shortage of fuel for the month of May.

    Several refinery shutdowns up and down the coast have led to fuel shortages because California mandates a cleaner-burning blend of gasoline, and prices are expected to continue rising, according to NBC Bay Area.

    Gas Prices Spike Over Weekend

    [LA] Gas Prices Spike Over Weekend
    NBC4 looks at the recent spike in gas prices and what NBC4's Facebook users have to say.Mekahlo Medina reports on the NBC4 News at Noon.
    (Published Monday, May 14, 2012)

    When asked about the spike in prices, some fans on the NBC Los Angeles Facebook page were not thrilled.

    “There is no such thing as a shortage. It's called higher prices to make more profit from gas,” wrote Val Simon.

    “We need to drill for our own... Make more U.S. jobs!!!,” commented Diane Greiner.

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    Mary Donahue thinks the spike is strategic on the part of the oil companies.

    “Just because the Memorial weekend is coming up. We don't have a shortage,” Donahue wrote. “The oil companies are just greedy. And we as consumers reap the cost.”

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    Gas Prices: Cause & Effect

    [LA] Gas Prices: Cause & Effect
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