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Announced: Disney Fan Expo 2017

D23 Expo, the convention that's as big as Sleeping Beauty's Castle, returns to Anaheim.

If you ask any Disneyland devotee if they awaken and begin to map their rides in advance of visiting the Anaheim destination later that day, they're bound to say, in a polite tone, "later that day?"

For Disney people are known for planning in Advance, capital A, regarding what churros shall be eaten and how many times the Matterhorn will be enjoyed and where to sit for the parade. Does this happen days ahead of a visit to the famous theme park? Weeks? Months?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Thus to learn that Disney's huge convention, D23 Expo, just announced its dates well over a year out won't phase a Mickey maven one iota. This simply gives attendees more time to anticipate, book hotel rooms, pore over schedules, and sew those elaborate, super-sparkly Elsa and Anna costumes.

But the dates, which were revealed on Monday, March 28, have a twist worthy of any well-plotted Donald Duck caper: The expo will not be held in August, as it has been over its first four outings, but rather in the middle of July.

Did you just grab your mouse ears in surprise? Likely not, as these dates may be more attractive to those who'd like to attend both D23 Expo and Comic-Con International, which traditionally takes place in July in San Diego. (Nope, the two conventions are not affiliated, but they share a lot of crossover fan interest.)

And we do mean "the middle of July," by the by. Friday, July 14 through Sunday, July 16 are the dates, and the location will once again be the Anaheim Convention Center, which sits just south of The Happiest Place on Earth.

What happy things will you find within the convention? Look for "an all-new exhibit curated by the Walt Disney Archives," plus a costume contest, plus dozens upon dozens of vendors purveying in collectibles, plus sneak peeks, plus starry cameos (Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, and just about every other major Disney movie star of the last several years, has revealed the charming predilection for stopping by and waving to the cheering fans). 

OK, so we've determined that you're patient, you like to plan, and you don't even mind waiting for a year and a few months for the every-two-years spectacular. But you do want to know when tickets go on sale.

The short answer? Just about a year in advance, exactly, with July 16, 2016 being your date to watch. D23 members will snag special pricing, but do know that you can purchase a ticket even if you're not a member. The general public is welcome.

Are you bibbidi-bobbidi-ing inside your heart at the news, in lieu of jumping up and down? It's a big reveal, as the expo is the biggest Disney gathering on the calendar, with everything related to Disney history, lore, and what's to come all presented under one very capacious roof. 

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