Attack of the Show Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary

It started out as a small show on a small cable channel, but six years later, G4's "Attack of the Show" is still going strong

The success of G4's "Attack of the Show" is that it is, and had always been, an attack on the hosts.

For host and executive producer, Kevin Pereira, that's just fine.

He gets it.

"You have to not care, because if you're worrying about what somebody says, or what happens in a moment, you've already screwed up 10 additional moments that can happen after that, and that really is the trick of it," said Pereira.

The show is, perhaps, one of the least predictable shows in the genre, because one moment it can be a side-splitting romp through YouTube, followed by a movie star interview, or a tech gadget analysis.

Still, with all of the planning that goes into "Attack of the Show," it still needs to feel like it's a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants college production.

"No one is tuning into our show to watch anybody be perfect," said Pereira. "They watch us because we're a rag-tag group of dudes who have fun."

But there is no denying that without the help of the audience, the astoundingly deep well of video moments from them, there would be no show to attack.

"I went, 'Oh crap.' I hope the show isn't expected to run more than six months, because we're going to run out of crazy cat videos. We're going to run out of devices to review. We're going to run out of pop culture, comic book movies, and here we are, years later," Pereira said.

"Attack of the Show" is live every night, with an understandable 10-second delay, at 7 p.m. on the G4 network, which is part of NBC Universal.

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