Riverside Police Department

Azusa Package Thief Caught on Camera Arrested

A woman was arrested after surveillance video showed her stealing a package from the front porch of an Azusa home, police said.

On Friday, officers responded to reports of a stolen package at a home in the 300 block of South Pasadena Avenue, according to a press release by the Azusa Police Department.

An officer reviewed surveillance video of the suspect committing the theft, which was also posted on social media, and then returned to patrol, police said.

Several hours later, the same officer saw the woman shown on the video walking in the area of McKinley Street and Pasadena Avenue.

Forty-year-old Blanca Alvarado, of Azusa, was detained and found with more stolen packages, police said.

Alvarado was arrested for possession of stolen property. Police said she also will be charged with petty theft. Authorities encouraged residents to share surveillance video of these types of crimes to help law enforcement find criminals.

Earlier this month, a woman caught on camera trying to steal packages from an Alhambra home was arrested after police said video of the woman being confronted, posted on the department's social media, got a whopping 800,000 views.

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