Baby Sitter Faces Charges of Murder

A One-Year-Old Girl Suffered a Severe Head Injury, and Later Die While Under the Care of a 32-Year-Old Woman who is now Accused of Murder

Inside a two-story stucco house in Corona, Riverside County Sheriff's investigators allege a "unthinkable" crime occurred.

A toddler was fatally injured by a woman who was supposed to be keeping her safe while her parents were at work

"She was supposed to be taking care of this child and in fact she caused some injury," according to Sergeant Joe Borjas of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's Deputies first answered a call at Corona Regional Medical Center on Friday afternoon.

The caregiver had taken the toddler to the E-R, then 18 month old Caitlyn Jolley was transferred to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in grave condition with a severe head injury, but by Tuesday morning Caitlyn's condition deteriorated. Then she was declared brain dead and taken off life support.

On Saturday morning her babysitter, 32-year-old Julie Kalberg was arrested for child endangerment and abuse.

"Miss Kalberg was the daycare provider for the young child, and she actually was a friend of the family and had been taking care of the child since January of this year," according to Sergeant Joe Borjas of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

In court Kalberg asked for more time to hire an attorney, and her arraignment was postponed a week.

At her Eastvale home in Corona District Attorney and Sheriff's Department investigators say there are "many more facts" they are looking into surrounding the case, but stopped short of explaining how the fatal injury occurred.

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