Bandfest: The Sounds of the Rose Parade

Spend two days with the brassy outfits that'll play in the world-famous procession.

No pressure at all. We mean, honestly, none whatsoever. But if this coming year is the absolute go-time, gotta-do-it year for those still-untried resolutions, isn't this the moment you get inspired to act?

And if learning the tuba, or the trumpet, or actually finally taking a music lesson with whatever your dream instrument of choice is, then stop dilly-dallying: 2017 is your year. (Let this be the sign you've been waiting for, if you long for such a sign.)

You couldn't find yourself in a better place, dear aspiring musicians of 2017, then at Pasadena City College on Friday, Dec. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 31. That's where Bandfest Presented by Remo will unfurl, with all the grandeur and sparkle of a color guard's flag.

The Bandfest I program is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 30, while Bandfest II and III will take place on Dec. 31. If you want to see all of the outfits in their vibraphonic, percussive glory, hit all three presentations if you can.

But whatever program you jump into, count on top-notch trumpeting, dazzling drumming, and all of the major mondo aspects of a band on the march, from musicianship to formation to those tight, tap-a-foot rhythms.

The place is Robinson Stadium, and a ticket? It's $15, through Sharp Seating.

It's a rarity of a field show, one that puts an on-the-move parade feature in one place for full audience aural immersion.


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Will it inspire you to finally take up the tuba? Perhaps, but, even if that dream is pushed to 2018, a few hours spent with these song-swell artists is sure to pluck your heartstrings.

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