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Beginner's Luck: Grandma Gifts $1M Scratchers Ticket to Grandson on 18th Birthday

The Scratchers ticket was gifted to him by his grandmother the first day he was able to gamble legally.

CA Lottery

Kaleb Heng never imagined that his grandmother's gift for his 18th birthday would make him a millionaire, said The California Lottery on Thursday.

“I'm pretty excited! I certainly did not expect it," said Heng, who was surprised that his grandmother gave him the Scratchers ticket on the day he could legally play the lottery.

"My mom took me fishing and on the way, I scratched it. We had to pull over. It was a million dollars, and I didn't even have an ID yet!” said Heng. “We turned around and went home because I had to get an ID before I could claim the ticket.”

Notably, the Scratchers ticket that made this young man California's newest millionaire, was called The Perfect Gift.

Heng told The California Lottery that he will use the money for college and invest in his future.

Grandma bought the ticket at Oasis Market store in Turlock.

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