Border Concert Unites 2 Countries Amid Immigration Crisis

A week of heightened tensions near the border ended on a positive note.

On Sunday, members of the San Diego Symphony and the Baja California Orchestra met on both sides of Friendship Park on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The non-profit Border Angels orchestrated the event, which was meant to send a symbolic message.

“It shows that music is without borders, like the title of our concert, and it should be like this with relationships with humans,” said Apolo Ceja with the Baja California Orchestra, “It shouldn't be with limits or boundaries.”

Separated by only a fence, the orchestra performed classical pieces from both countries.

Volunteers at the event packed donations. Immigration attorneys were also available for free consultations.

“It's amazing to see what's going on, the ages of these children, what they're going through. As a mother, I personally feel the pain, so we decided to get together with the families to come and help,” said supporter Yolanda Siordi.

The binational concert came just days after protests in Murrieta forced buses carrying immigrant families from Central America to turn around.

That creates fear and fear creates violence, and that is the only thing that no one needs,” actor and supporter Demian Bichir said.

“We have to understand that whatever happens to my neighbor will affect me. Whatever happens in a far away country will affect us. Everything is connected, and we cannot deny that anymore," Bichir said.

Another 140 immigrants are expected to arrive in San Diego on Monday.

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