Putting Two Paws on the Wheel

Teaching pooches to drive in New Zealand

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals teamed up with the car company MINI to teach three rescue dogs how to, well, drive a car.

The car company modified one of its Countryman models to respond better to paws, and the animal organization picked three canines – Monty, Porter and Ginny – to be the drivers.

The idea is to show that the animals are intelligent, trainable, lovable and ultimately deserving of good lives and good homes.

“This is a fun campaign but we hope it will seriously encourage people to consider SPCA dogs for pets, “ said Simonne Mearns, MINI Brand Manager New Zealand . “We want this campaign to raise SPCA awareness and drive adoptions.”

New Zealanders will get a chance to see more of the dogs on Dec. 10, when a segment on them will air on the “Campbell Live” television program.

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