Burn, Baby, Burn

A few months shy of Burning Man Festival, Red Lightning Beats blazed an all-night underground party on June 25th. The music and dance event was held at the Fine Wine Storage in Marina Del Rey.

 Produced by The Confluence and  hosted by the lovely Shay Butta, the event also featured Live Art, Lighting Temple Installations, a GreenSociety Starpod and delicious food.

Special performances from DJ Kraddy, BLVD, and Vokab Kompany had the bodies grooving, and in between sets, a mesmerizing fire show kept the crowd spellbound.

Just like Burning Man, the underground was an experiment in community and self expression.

Named after a ritual burning of a large wooden effigy, Burning Man is held in the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. A week-long desert experiment, Burning Man begins on the last Monday in August and ends on Labor Day.

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