Compton Hit By Wave of Street Takeovers and Burglaries

Police say they received hundreds of calls about illegal street racing, street takeovers and burglaries in Compton over the weekend.

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Mayhem on the streets of Compton overnight as sheriff's deputies say they received hundreds of calls from across the city about illegal racing, street takeovers and burglaries.

Chaos took over the intersection of Central and Alondra Avenue in Compton as cars burned their tires and rounded out donut after donut. Soon after the group of people seen moving from the street to this Arco Gas Station on the corner.

Videos shows masked men smashing windows as dozens crowded around eventually pushing their way inside, helping themselves to drinks, snacks and anything they can get their hands on.

Neighbors who live close by say they saw the entire scene and it was upsetting to watch.

"They are doing donuts and they had their kids in there and that is not safe for nobody," said Norrice Hearon, a neighbor. "That is reckless and that is child endangerment."

Compton Sheriff's Station say it this incident was just one street takeover in the city of Compton Saturday night and Sunday morning. Another one took place at Alondra and Grandee, police say shots were fired and luckily no one was injured. Another one took place on the 800 block of Rosecrans, police say near a laundromat that was broken into.

Police also say that thieves broke into two Mexican restaurants near Long Beach and Rosecrans. Now the business owners are cleaning up the mess left behind. The sheriff's office says they are investigating the incident and so far no arrests have been made.

Frustrated neighbors says that the street takeovers have to stop.

"It makes me angry when they do that and put everyone in danger, I don't like it," Hearon said.

Compton Mayor Emma Sharif said in a statement that the city if working to install more bots, used to deter street takeovers, at intersections.

"Public Safety continues to be the City of Compton's top priority," said Shari. "We plan to install more bots in busy intersections like Alondra Blvd. and Central Ave. as well as Long Beach Blvd. and Rosecrans Ave. We are looking into more engineering strategies to combat street takeovers and stop them from terrorizing our City.

"Residents can rest assured that the Sheriff's Department will have an increase in directed patrols throughout the City and surrounding County areas, to ensure theft from businesses does not occur. The Sheriff’s Department mission is to eradicate street takeovers, arrest, and cite individuals who participate in these events in the City of Compton.  We remain committed to working with the Sheriff's Department, local businesses, and the community to deter acts like these."

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