Every Dog Has Its Day, But Only 3 Can Enjoy It Together

Dog walkers are sniffing at the city's law limiting the number of dogs a person can bring to off-leash parks to three.

The law took effect six months ago, but scores of dog walkers continue to bring their packs of pooches.

On any given day, between 15 and 20 dog walkers, many of them taking care of pets belonging to the rich and famous, conduct their doggy day-care service at Laurel Canyon Park in the Hollywood Hills.

They include Kelly and Ross Levy, who come to the 5-acre park with two vans full of dogs and stay for three hours each day. The couple charge $35 per dog, earning as much as $180,000 a year.

Critics say the dog walkers need to be kept on a tight leash. They complain their dogs run wild, beg for food and create a mess.

"I've had eight years of hell up there," said Tamara Merry, 63, a regular of the hilltop park. "The dog walkers seem to think it's their park, and we should accommodate them."

Park police say they plan to enforce the rule as soon as warning signs are posted at the city's nine dog parks. Anyone who wants to bring more than three dogs must apply for a permit allowing a greater number of dogs during special hours of the day.

The Levys said they know they're breaking the law. They added they have contacted the city but received no guidance on how to obtain a permit.

"If this is enforced, God knows us and how many people will go under," Kelly Levy said. "There are a lot of dogs who will suffer."

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