Rock Band Creates “Download to Donate” for Japan

Linkin Park and many other musicians lend a hand to quake victims

The guys from the band Linkin Park have always been socially conscious, and socially active. Their efforts to help out in disaster relief started with the Indonesian tsunami and continues today with "Download to Donate."

"When something like this happens, this is when it's most important for us to go to work," states Mike Shinoda, of the band Linkin Park.

And sadly, with disaster following disaster around the globe, there's no let up in need.  However, there's been no slacking in the band's efforts either.

They established "Music for Relief" and partnered with "Save the Children" and now they have cast a wide net over their friends in the industry to create "Download to Donate."

For ten dollars, you can download original music from a variety of artists who are joining the cause.

"We're definitely very in touch with our fan base, and we're moved by things like this because we know, if you just go on our twitter pages, on our message boards, you know the fans from Japan are there," states Shinoda, of the band Linkin Park.

Shinoda and his band mates have the added advantage that Linkin Park has been in constant contact with their fans.


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"We just decided that was something we didn't want to let go. We wanted to make sure that, no matter what happened with the band, we kind of kept that style of communication, and a relationship with the fans," states Shinoda.

So it was no surprise to learn that their fans are already listening.

"Our bands, and the other bands and people involved, just do our best to make people aware of the things that are going on, and give them specific ways that they can help, rather than saying 'oh it's sad.'" states Shinoda.

And there is more than one way to help.

"Fans can copy and paste the material onto their thing. Your facebook page, your twitter, your blog, whatever it may be. We make it really easy for people to spread the word," says Shinoda.

There are even tee shirts designed by Shinoda that are up for sale on the sites.

Music, money, material and message, are the mouse click options for becoming an active participant in lending a hand.

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