Drive-In Movie Theater Thrives in City of Industry

Since 1955 the Vineland Drive-In Movie Theater has been entertaining film fans in City of Industry.

Southern California has long been the center of car culture in America, and the center of the film industry.

And nothing epitomizes the love for both than the drive-in movie theater.

Long considered to be dying out, one drive-in in the City of Industry refuses to disappear.

Despite changes in technology and competition ranging from radio, to television, to the Internet, the Vineland Drive-In Movie Theater is still entertaining audiences.

The last drive-in theater to be found in LA and Orange Counties, the Vineland is nestled between an industrial district and a residential area, just off the 605 freeway, in the City of Industry.

When it opened in 1955 the Vineland started out with only once screen. Now they've grown to four screens and accommodate up to 1,500 cars a night.

They're open seven days a week, and film lovers are treated to a main feature, and a second feature on each screen.

The Vineland Drive-In averages roughly 300,000 customers a year, and it even has a support group, The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society.

"The Drive-In is still here, still alive. Still doing what it always did, providing entertainment for the whole family," according to Salvador Gomez, of the Drive-in Movie Society.

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