LA Parking Chief to Step Down

Jimmy Price is leaving his post in the wake of two NBC4 LA investigations into misconduct among traffic cops in his department

The longtime chief of LA Parking Enforcement is stepping down in the wake of two NBC4 LA investigations that found multiple cases of alleged misconduct among traffic officers including participat ion in the making of a pornographic film, soliciting prostitutes, shoplifting and punching a motorist.

Jimmy Price will officially retire on June 4 from the LA Department of Transportation, several years ahead of his planned exit, according to multiple sources within the department.

Those sources, who asked not to be named, say Price has been under increasing pressure to leave the post, which he's held since 1998.

Sources say the pressure began in early May, after NBC4 LA broke the story of two LA traffic cops allegedly appearing in a porn movie, on duty and in uniform-- a violation of city policy.

Price knew about the officers' participation in the porn flick but failed to discipline them , according to sources. Since the NBC4 LA report aired, both officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Then last week, LA City Controller Wendy Greuel released a scathing audit about Price's agency, including the revelation of a Gold Card Desk, which gave elected officials special treatment for parking citations.

Sources say "strike three" was the most recent NBC4 LA investigation, which reveal ed numerous other officers involved in inappropriate -- and in some cases criminal-- behavior.

Those officers faced either no -- or inadequate -- discipline , sources say .

Price has been considered "untouchable" until the recent investigations of his leadership, sources say, because his agency brings over $100 million a year to city coffers from parking citations.

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