Experience Rainforest Wow, with Roaring Camp Railroads

The wintertime weekend excursions take riders into a treeful wonderland.

Roaring Camp Railroad

IF LIFE CAN BE GLEEFUL, at least every now and again, why can't it also be treeful from time to time? The words share a happy spirit, but while you can dig down and find inner gleefulness in most any setting, if you're committed to finding fun, getting especially treeful does require that you find a tree or two or five thousand to admire. That could be the tree in front of your building, of course, which counts in terms of treefulness, but if you really want to bring on that full treeful feeling, you'll most likely want to head into the woods. How to do that, though, if you haven't got your hiking gear at the ready or perhaps don't have a couple of days for a real forest-fun roam? You can always turn to...

ROARING CAMP RAILROADS, in Felton, which more than understands the treeful longings of we humans. How much so? Well, there's an every-Saturday and every-Sunday excursion, one that involves a century-old steam train, and it is all about going deep into the branch-laden, limb-tastic, canopy-colorful woods near where the attraction is located. The event's name? Rainforest Weekends, and it is happening right through to March 31, 2019. You'll be getting to see spectacular swaths of the...

SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS... while on the trip, all while learning "... fascinating information about the coastal redwoods and their ecosystems" (knowledgeable docents will also be aboard). Is this the sort of historical (train) and natural (forest) outing you've been desiring, after the holiday go-go-go? Time to get treeful, then, near Santa Cruz. Get times, ticket info, and more, at the Roaring Camp Railroads site now.

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