“It’s Coming, It’s Coming”: Baby Arrives on Roadside as Parents Rush to Hospital

Dad Brad Sanchez helped his wife Sangianna O'Day give birth to a healthy baby boy in their car

A pregnant mother's "nerve-racking" trip to the hospital included an urgent detour to the side of an Orange County road where the couple welcomed their second child, a healthy baby boy delivered in the passenger seat of the family's car.

Brad Sanchez, 32, helped his 31-year-old wife Sangianna O'Day give birth to at around 11:30 p.m, Fullerton Fire Department said. The child was already delivered by the time paramedics arrived at the site of the roadside birth in Fullerton.

The mother and child, who were both in a good condition, were taken to St. Jude Medical Center.

Proud father Sanchez said they had been speeding to the hospital when he was forced to stop the car and help his wife with a baby that wasn't waiting any longer. The couple had been told to expect the baby's arrival any time bewteen late December and February.

"It was a pretty big range for me, so I wasn't sure so I just went about my daily tasks," said Sangianna O'Day Sanchez. "I didn't think I was fully dialated and didn't think it was time to freak out."

A sense of urgency developed later in the day and Sangianna decided it was time to go the hospital. Sangianna described the race to the hospital that followed as "nerve-racking."

"She started saying that she felt like she was having contractions close together so we were rushing to St Judes," Brad Sanchez said, "And she's just like, 'it's comin', it's comin',' so I pulled over, called 911 and parked it, and it came out."

By the time he opened the passenger side of the car door, he could already see part of his baby boy, Sanchez said. He told NBC4 he was just there to catch the newborn.

"It was game on," Brad Sanchez said. "My son is already halfway out by the time I got over there, so all I had to do was catch him."

Fullerton Police Department were first on the scene, and an officer took a first family photo on his cellphone as the father did not have a camera. The baby, wrapped in Brad Sanchez's shirt and sweater, resting on his mother's leg.

The baby weighed in at 6.5 pounds. The parents said they plan to name him "Krew" or "Kru," but have not decided on a spelling.

It is a second baby for the La Habra couple, as they already have a 7-year-old child.

NBC4's Jonathan Lloyd contributed to this report.

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