FBI Narrows Down Sighting Location of Man Flying in Jet Pack Near LAX

The FBI published a map Friday showing a location in the area of Cudahy where two pilots reported seeing "a guy in a jet pack" on Aug. 30.

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The FBI continues to investigate the reports of a man flying in a jet pack in late August, but have narrowed down a location of where the sighting took place.

The agency tweeted a map Friday showing a location in the area of Cudahy, about 18 miles east of LAX, where two pilots reported "a guy in a jet pack" on Aug. 30.

The pilot of American Airlines flight 1997 radioed the LAX tower to make a strange report.

"Tower, American 1997. We just passed a guy in a jet pack,'' the pilot said on the radio transmission.

An air-traffic controller responded, "American 1997, OK, thank you for the update. Left side or right side?''

"Off the left side,'' the pilot replied. "At maybe, uh, 300 yards or so, at our altitude.''


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A second pilot aboard a Southwest Airlines flight also reported seeing the unusual aviator.

"Tower, we just saw the guy pass by us,'' the pilot said.

The LAX tower then alerted an inbound JetBlue pilot of the bizarre reports.

No injuries were reported.

Federal aviation officials told NBC4 there are several commercial jet pack-type flying machines that can climb to thousands of feet. But, they only carry a few minutes of fuel and are extraordinarily expensive.

They also require experienced pilots.

Authorities also said there were no reports from the ground about someone taking off or flying around with such a device. The sighting was reported over a densely populated area near the airport.

At least two Twitter users posted videos claiming to have been recorded in mid-August 2020 -- at least a week before the pilots' reports -- showing what appears to be a human figure moving across the sky. The images have not been verified.

The FBI says it takes events that threaten U.S. airspace seriously and ask anyone with information regarding this case to call the FBI.

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