Flights Resume After 2nd LAX Scare Puts Travelers on Edge

Flight operations out of Terminal 4 were halted on Friday until officials cleared the airport

Flights resumed at LAX on Saturday after a security scare prompted evacuations and flight delays.

There were no delays at the airport on Saturday, but officials were urging passengers to check with their airline carriers to be sure. With the 11-day Thanksgiving holiday travel period starting today, it is one of the busiest travel days at the airport.

Chaos ensued on Friday when a vehicle crashed into a stairwell and authorities swept through a terminal after receiving reports of a man with a weapon, officials said.

The calls turned out to be erroneous reports from nervous passengers thinking the loud crash was gunfire, said Nancy Suey Castles, public relations director of Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that runs LAX.

Travelers and officials were still jittery after the fatal shooting of a security agent three weeks ago.

The crash happened around 7:30 p.m. on the lower level outside Terminal 5, officials said. Around that time, an anonymous caller told airport police there was a man with a weapon at Gate 45 in Terminal 4, airport officials said.

A sweep by police found no threat, Castles said.

The two incidents caused traffic gridlock around the airport. Vehicles were diverted from the upper level to the lower level roadway.

Flight operations at Terminal 4 were temporarily disrupted.

A woman taken from the crashed minivan or SUV at Terminal 5 and placed into an ambulance appeared conscious and on her feet before she was put on a stretcher.

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