Furry Fundraiser: Breakfast with the Gibbons

Nosh at the Santa Clarita sanctuary (while helping out the charming residents).

We people-type earthlings often look for bridges between our typical daily pursuits and those of the animals sharing our planetary ride. 

But we don't need to search too far for common practices. One activity many earthlings enjoy, for example, is eating a morning meal. And while humans munch on toast or cornflakes, many of our furry brethren are out in the forest or jungle devouring fruit and leaves and insects.

It's a rare thing, though, to "share" breakfast with animals, save our own at-home pets. That will change on Saturday, May 7 when the Gibbon Conservation Center throws its annual Breakfast with the Gibbons fundraiser.

A few things to note: The gibbons will hang out in their own homes, doing their own noshing thing, while the humans will hang out in the human picnic area, where they'll eat a "light breakfast" or order sandwiches from the Grilled Cheese Truck.

So the "sharing" part is in the sense that you're all at the center together, gibbons and people alike. You'll be gibbon-adjacent, in short, which is a nice thing to be.

It's also a slightly later breakfast than past years, with a start time of 10 o'clock. Yep, you'll still hear the famous "singing" that these small apes do, and you'll learn about the venerable preserve's efforts to save and assist the magnificent beasties.

Cost is twenty bucks ahead of time and $25 there, for an adult.


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If you haven't been to the center, head for the Saugus end of Santa Clarita. If you have been to the center, you know that the gibbons are comical, beautiful, long-of-limb, wide-of-swing, and they do love to stare at the human visitors, inquisitively.

We're curious about them, they're curious about us, so let's break bread together -- or at least in the vicinity of each other -- on a fine May Saturday. 

That the bread-breaking is all in service of supporting our gibbon friends makes our common bridges even stronger. And, yes, one such bridge is we all like to awake and have a nosh, human and gibbon alike.

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