Gas Price Shocker Means Fewer People Driving Riverside Streets

People are driving less in Riverside County to save gas

Drivers are spinning their wheels in search of cheaper gas, because prices keep climbing in just about every city.

Take Tremaine Rider, who maps out his route delivering electrical parts so he will drive fewer miles and spend less on gas.

"I think there is a lot more car pooling and less cars on the road. I drive, so I can see less traffic," according to Tremaine Rider,
Commercial Driver.

The cost of doing business, Rider says, has nearly doubled since the first of the year.

"We try to UPS things more, as opposed to just delivering them," states Tremaine Rider,
Commercial Driver.

About 70% of the major gas station chains in the nation say sales have fallen. yet as prices push above $4 a gallon, station owner Fred Viklu says every time a customer swipes a credit card it costs "him" more money.

"Cash is 20 cents cheaper than a credit card," according to Fred Viklu, owner of a Shell gas station.

Commuter Dennis Brooks says he's curbed driving, and sacrificed other spending like shopping, concerts and movies to be able to afford his commute.

"From Riverside to LA were I used to live, to visit family and friends costs about $25 round trip now. It was about $15 to $20 before," according to Dennis Brooks, Commuter.

People also appear to be turning to smaller, fuel efficient cars to save on gas. Many car lots are full of bigger, gas guzzling SUV's.

"A lot of people are trading in their big cars, like big family vehicles, to try to get rid of that high monthly gas bill," states Noe Hernandez, of RPM Premier Motors.

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