Ghosts ‘n Coasters Rock Six Flags Fright Fest

Monsters are overrunning Magic Mountain over several spooky (and select) nights.

What to Know

  • Opens Sept. 14
  • Through Nov. 3 (select nights)
  • Tickets start at $55.79 (parking additional)

Life presents to us many seasons of preparation.

These are the before-something-happens moments, when we know something big is going to occur, and we have to train, organize, file, sweat, or engage in another activity to be at our peakiest best.

How, though, does a person prep for an experience that will be fully afouled with some of the most frightful creatures imaginable?

That is a question for anyone valiant enough to attend Valencia's most monstrous affair, an event that has attractions literally oodled with eeks: Six Flags Fright Fest. 

The late-summer screamer, which will run into fall and all the way through to Nov. 3 and is presented by Snickers, unleashes the ghouls on Sept. 14, 2019.

As with most of our big theme park shriek-taculars, Fright Fest frights-up select nights, so best peruse the calendar before deciding when you're up for taking in such a terrifying to-do.


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How terrifying is it? There's a new haunted attraction dubbed "Vault 666: Unlocked," and another that goes by the memorable handle of "Sewer of Souls."

The scare zones are also putridly plentiful, with "Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy" and other offerings ready to give visitors the jumpy jumps.

And, count on it: Those metal-of-sound sliders will be back, and they'll be approaching you just out of your field of vision, all to give you a startle, a laugh, or some strange combination of both.

This venerable Valencia fall favorite is a must for Halloween mavens making the theme park circuit.

Been every year? Then you've been monstering-up at this spot for awhile.

Been meaning to add this one to your autumn event list?

Better get your preparations in, for you're about to meet a whole clutch of creepy characters at one of the coasteriest destinations in all the land.

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